The Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons in the UK agreed to consecrate the Namik Kemal Lodge of Mark Master Masons in London.

The Most Worshipful Grand Master, His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent pleased to grant a Warrant of Constitution in the name of Namik  Kemal Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 2001.  Saturday 23rd February 2019 was another very memorable day in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of London with the Consecration of the Namik Kemal Mark Lodge No 2001. This is the second Turkish speaking Lodge within our Province and was admirably supported by the PGM, R.W. Bro. David Ashbolt, the Deputy PGM, V.W. Bro. Tom Quinn, W. Bros. Henry Hobson, Tim MacAndrews, Cliff Sturt and a full complement of Consecrating Officers and Delegation Members. It was a really enjoyable and moving Consecration Ceremony conducted by the PGM and the Installation of the new Master by the DepPGM. All carefully overseen in his own inimitable way by our very own ProvGDC – Wes Hollands.  A day I am sure we will all look back on with fond memories in the years to come.

The Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro David Ashbolt, assisted by members of his Executive, consecrated a new Mark Lodge with a Turkish theme on 23 February, 2019. It is named after Namık Kemal who was an Ottoman democrat, writer, intellectual, reformer, journalist, playwright, and political activist who was influential in the formation of the Young Ottomans and their struggle for governmental reform in the Ottoman Empire during the late Tanzimat period. After the Consecration, the Lodge then proceeded to Advance a number of Turkish brethren.

Please visit founding members page for the team who made this possible.