Khalsa Lodge of MMM No. 2022

Countdown to our next regular meeting on 27th April 2024


9th Regular Meeting of Khalsa Lodge of MMM. Please click here for attendance and booking!

“He who keeps alight the unquenchable torch of truth, and never swerves from the thought of One God; he who has full love and confidence in God and does not put his faith, even by mistake, in fasting or the graves of Muslim saints, Hindu crematoriums, or Jogi’s places of sepulchre; he who recognises the One God and no pilgrimages, alms-giving, non-destruction of life, penances, or austerities; and in whose heart the light of the Perfect One shines, – he is to be recognised as a pure member of the Khalsa”
(Guru Gobind Singh Ji, – 33 Swaiyyas)

The Khanda, the Sikh emblem consists of A Solid Circle, Two Interlocked Swords, One Double-edged Sword in the Centre. It’s also part of the logo of the Khalsa Lodge of Mark Master Masons and can be briefly explained as follows:
The central double-edged sword (known as Khanda), represents the belief in one God. The Chakkar (solid circle) represents God, without beginning or end and reminding us all to remain within the rule of God. Two crossed kirpans (swords); the right one represents temporal power (Miri) and the left one spiritual power (Piri).

27apr4:00 pm8:00 pm9th REGULAR MEETING